Note Rules


We Simplify The Note Management Business

Note Rules offers note investors a simple but effective way to ensure they have the foundation
and systems to grow.

The Challenges

Note Investors, Can You Relate?

You're A New Investor But...

  1. You don’t feel confident in your ability to grow
  2. You feel like you’re wasting time 
  3. You lack clarity on what to do 
  4. You wonder why you got into this business

You're An Existing Investor But...

  1. You know you need more investors and deals
  2. You’re struggling to scale
  3. You can’t keep track of your contacts
  4. You don’t have time to manage your growth
    the first place

Rarely do investors have sufficient deal flow and money simultaneously. Managing these two growth vectors
AND a note business can be completely overwhelming.

The Solution

Now There's A Solution

Note Rules meets you where you are so you can get to where you want. All from one platform, Note Rules helps:

Growing Investors

  1. Streamline your organization/workflow
  2. Gather & organize your information
  3. Prioritize tasks
  4. Access your data any time (cloud, mobile)

New Investors

  1. Automated outreach messaging
  2. Generate transfer documents
  3. Servicer data connection
  4. Team task management

It's time to change the way you manage your investments.

Schedule a call with our team to see a personalized demonstration of our technology so you can manage your growth and your business from one dynamic platform.
Portfolio Management Simplified

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Portfolio Management Simplified

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