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Jamie Bateman


Jamie Bateman is a passionate entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Maryland. With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, Jamie is dedicated to empowering mortgage note investors and entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals. As a combat veteran and former Army officer, Jamie’s exceptional leadership skills and drive for excellence have contributed to his success in real estate investment.

Jamie’s decision to become a W-2 quitter allowed him to fully commit to an entrepreneurial journey focused on empowering others in mortgage note investment. Jamie has built an impressive portfolio of single-family rental properties and mortgage notes, consistently seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion. Operating two successful mortgage note funds, Jamie has helped numerous investors navigate the market and achieve impressive returns. Through the popular podcast “From Adversity to Abundance,” Jamie shares valuable insights and highlights the stories of successful investors and entrepreneurs, inspiring others on their own path to financial abundance.

As a mentor and guide, Jamie provides personalized resources and strategic advice to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their financial objectives. Outside of work, Jamie values family time, faith, and a healthy lifestyle. With an unwavering commitment to guiding investors and entrepreneurs, Jamie is a trusted figure in the industry, consistently making a positive impact and helping others succeed.

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Luis Miranda

Asset Manager

Luis Miranda has been in the real estate space for 6 years and in the note space for 4 years growing his own note portfolio. As an Asset Manager, he brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight that significantly contributes to the fund’s success.

Background: Luis Miranda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering of Computer & Technology from Devry University. He has 17 years of experience in Software Development and had lead roles at JBT Corporation and iPipeline, Inc.

Expertise: Luis Miranda specializes in investment strategies, portfolio management, risk analysis, etc. He possesses an understanding of market trends, risk management, and capital allocation, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Key Achievements: Throughout his career, Luis Miranda has led successful projects. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate complex landscapes, resulting in positive outcomes for stakeholders.

Commitment to Excellence: Luis Miranda is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of his work. He approaches challenges with a strategic mindset, ensuring that we can continue to thrive in a dynamic market.

Community Engagement: Beyond his professional commitments, Luis Miranda is actively involved in his Real Estate Investment Association and Zen Center. He believes in giving back and staying connected with the broader financial and social ecosystem.

We are proud to have Luis Miranda as a key member of the team, contributing to our mission of delivering exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.


Rodg de Guzman

Asset Manager
Administrative Specialist
Rodg is a proficient administrative professional and has over 20 years of working experience in different industries catering mostly to foreign clients. An expert in back-office operations and a certified Yellow Six Sigma, she has taken the lead in streamlining several process gaps and creating process documentation, framework, systems, policies, and procedures for different departments and companies. She had also facilitated building and office renovations as part of her vast admin knowledge and expertise which led her to be certified (yet again) in Basic Occupational Safety and Health this time. She’s a passionate and highly creative individual with a knack for multimedia arts – both still and motion graphics and a practitioner of digital marketing. She loves photography and teaching so she got herself a TESOL certification which is an added advantage due to her fluency in 4 languages — Tagalog, English, Fookien and Mandarin.
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Ma. Eliza Lucero

Administrative Assistant

Bringing a wealth of experience from her 9-year tenure as a Team Leader and Content Moderator, Eliza Lucero excels in managing diverse people, platforms, and projects. Her multicultural work experience has not only honed her leadership skills but also enabled her to successfully fulfill a myriad of responsibilities.

Apart from her corporate role, Eliza is a thriving entrepreneur, running her own online brand. She leverages her expertise in Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Content Creation to produce influential and engaging content for her brand.

Off the professional sphere, Eliza is passionate about baking and is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her drive in personal and professional life is a testament to her well-rounded personality and dedication.

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