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Helping you automate success through mentorship and tools.

Our mentorship opportunity aims to cultivate the next wave of educated note investors. We provide consulting/coaching services to the note investor on an as-needed, hourly basis versus charging a large up-front fee. This program is ideally suited to those looking to gain hands-on experience about mortgage-note investing, while having an experienced investor guide them along the way.

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Mentorship Benefits

Our mentoring program is designed to meet your specific business objectives because we recognize that no two situations are the same. As part of our program, you will gain access to personal and practiced real estate expertise; access to preferred and trusted Labrador Lending consultants (realtors, attorneys, title, servicing, and preservation companies, and more); customized consulting services; and ongoing communication as needed.

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How Mentorship Helps

The mentorship services can occur at any stage of the note-acquisition process, asset-management phase, or even through the exit of a deal. Mentorship can start as early as when an investor has decided they want to pursue note investing and purchase an asset. 

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How It Works

  1. Download and read our ebook The Power of Mortgage Note Investing
  2. Investor & Labrador Lending will schedule 15-minute pre-qualification call to confirm approval into program;
  3. Investor & Labrador Lending execute consulting agreement;

  4. Investor schedules 60-minute intro call to discuss investor’s experience and goals;

  5. Labrador Lending will draft mentorship and implementation plan for investor from information obtained during the kick-off call;

Active Investors

Invest Easier With Note Rules

Note Rules offers a simple and effective way to ensure investors have the foundation and systems they need to grow. 

What Clients Are Saying About the
Labrador Lending Mentorship Program

"When I approached Jamie about deploying money to buy partials he wanted to get to know me, my situation and my goals. I did in fact buy a few, but within a few weeks we discussed mentorship and then within 6 months I had purchased 3 deals of my own. Although the mentorship isn't "structured" like most other programs, you come to find out it is all structured around you and your goals. Not only do you receive insight from an overly honest seasoned investor, you are connected to a magnitude of solid vendors. Jamie and his team have always been there to assist with any aspect of this business when it arises. I'm excited to see what the next 6 months has in store."

common questions


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

After a free intro call, we can determine if the mentorship program is a good fit.

Unfortunately, we cannot bid on an asset for you or provide specific guidance or investment advice as we are not licensed or registered financial advisors. 

We do not source notes or sell our notes to investors in our mentoring program as we see that as a conflict of interest. Ideally, the mentee has an idea of their note-buying criteria or even a potential note opportunity to work through with the mentor. 

A joint venture agreement is where both parties have ownership interest in a deal, and profits are divided per the terms of the JV agreement. With our mentoring program, we have no ownership interest in the note; therefore, the investor retains all profits. We act as a consultant based on an hourly rate.

No, but either party can cancel the agreement.

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